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Providers of Multisport and Ultra events across East Anglia

Entries NOW OPEN for all 2016 events!

Monster Racing was formed in 2010 as a sports event management company primarily to fill a gap in the middle distance triathlon event market, in and around East Anglia. Based in the Isle of Ely and in our sixth season, we have once again added more events to our schedule!

Monster Racing events have grown massively since the first season and most now sell out! The races attract some serious competition from pros and international age group athletes as well being great events for newcomers to the sport. We aim to make all the Monster events attractive to both the Elite and experienced as well as those who are `up for giving it a go!.

Entries are now open for all our 2016 events...... Check out the Event page


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Monster Racing Events Calendar
Event Classification Location Race Date Entry Deadline
- as stated or earlier if full
Monster Duathlon 5km run, 25km bike, 5km run Ely 06/03/2016 21/02/2016, 18:00 Monster Racing Duathlon 2016
Monster Mojito 1.5km swim, 38km bike, 10km run Peterborough 08/05/2016 01/05/2016, 18:00 Monster Racing Mojito Triathlon 2016
Monster Mojo 1.9km swim, 82km bike, 20km run Peterborough 08/05/2016 01/05/2016, 18:00 Monster Racing Mojo 2016
Monster Sprint 450m swim, 21km bike, 4km run Feltwell 26/06/2016 19/06/2016, 18:00 Monster Racing Sprint 2016
Monster Standard 1.5km swim, 44km bike, 12km run Ely 21/08/2016 14/08/2016, 18:00 Monster Racing Olympic 2016
Monster Middle 1.9km swim, 92.8 km bike, 21km run Ely 21/08/2016 14/08/2016, 18:00 Monster Racing Middle 2016
Monster Half Marathon 21.1km run Ely 25/09/2016 18/09/2016, 18:00 Monster Racing Half Marathon 2016
Monster Marathon 42.2km run Ely 25/09/2016 18/09/2016, 18:00 Monster Racing Marathon 2016
Monster Ultra 68km run Ely 25/09/2016 18/09/2016, 18:00 Monster Racing Ultra 2016
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