Testimonials – Mojo

Fran Bungay, 1st Female, 2018:
“Huge thank you to the monster Team for a welcoming, friendly, well organised race. If you are looking for an early season race to test out your winter training, I thoroughly recommend this one. Being in a rowing lake, it benefits from warming up quickly with some warm weather, the bike course is quiet, well marshaled / signposted. (just beware of the potholes, but anyone riding in the UK knows that!) and a nice undulating course, with a bit of variation. Finally the run, being 4 laps means you constantly get lots of support running through transition! It is all on off road paths and grass, and is beautiful, running up and down along the river banks.  Huge thank you to the team for their enthusiasm, efficiency and success at running a top quality event. I will certainly recommend this one to my athletes and club.”
Bethan Buck, 3rd Female, 2018:
“Monster Mojo was both the best organised and most friendly race have ever done! This was my first ever middle distance triathlon and I was blown away by how great the set-up was – the course is challenging but quick, I enjoyed every minute of it and will definitely be back next year!”
Vicky Johnston, 1st Female, 2017:
“The Mojo was my first go at a middle distance race and it was the perfect event to start with. The organisation was brilliant, the volunteers and marshals were really friendly and the venue was ideal. Thank you for organising such a top class race!”
Alex Bradley, 2nd Male, 2016:
“Thanks to Monster Racing for a great day out. The race was a perfect early season middle distance test (although the organisers somehow managed to order mid-July temperatures..?), a lot of people I spoke to were using it in build-up to mid season full distance races. A great venue for spectators, made doubly easy by the deal with Dragonfly hotel, which meant a 2 minute walk to transition from my hotel room!”
Martyn Edwards, 1st Male, 2015:
“The venue was brilliant and by keeping everything close together and the laps on the run passing spectators made for a fun atmosphere.
A big thanks to all the marshals and volunteers, as I know what effort goes into putting on events, it really makes a difference.
I will definitely be back for more Monster fun in the future.”
Dean Edwards, 2nd Male, 2015:
“My third time competing in a Monster Racing event. The Mojo is a fantastic race to kick the season off with. Well organised with a fun course and friendly atmosphere!”
Lucy Gossage, 1st Female, 2015:
“As always Monster Racing never fails to deliver. I have to say my expectations from a race in Peterborough were not high so I was pleasantly surprised to find an interesting bike course with some lumps and bumps and twists and turns, and a scenic run looping through transition 4 times. I enjoyed this race at least as much as the Ely one and would definitely go back again. Well done Monster team!”
Amy Forshaw, 3rd Female, 2015:
“I am always really pleased when I see another race from Monster Racing. They are super events and really very well organised. Every time I have raced I have enjoyed myself whilst having tough competition to compete against. I thoroughly recommend racing Monster Events.”