Without volunteers Monster events simply could not take place.

If you have the time to make Monster Racing events successful and fun for all then please get in touch. We are always looking for enthusiastic volunteers to add to our dedicated team who support us in delivering successful events. Our competitors appreciate the support so much that it’s the first compliment we receive on our race feedback. Efficient organisation makes an event enjoyable, rewarding and safe experience for supporters and athletes alike.

Our athletes are either experienced athletes or new to the sport and will need guidance and reassurance as to where to go and what to do before and after their race. They also enjoy good old fashioned words of encouragement when the going gets tough!

What we need

Section leaders with relevant experience.

You’ll help co-ordinate marshals and athlete support in your section.


You’ll be at key points in the race helping participants to have a smooth and safe race. Giving directions, distributing water and enthusiastic support are all key.

We value the work that volunteers do immensely and will do everything we can to make the experience an enjoyable and rewarding one for you. All helpers will receive a goody bag and a t-shirt for their efforts. Their crucial role is acknowledged at every opportunity and the athletes will be made very much aware of all your hard work.

Volunteer as a marshal and in return you will also receive priority entry and a credit voucher towards a future Monster Racing event. Convince your supporter / other half / family member to put their time to good use whilst they are watching you and if they don’t race themselves they can donate their credit to you!

You will receive:

  • Standard – £55 credit per race
  • Middle – £110 credit (that’s a free Middle distance tri). Please be aware that free places in the middle distance events are limited and you’ll need to be there for the duration, be quick to volunteer if you can help all day. We’ll also need others who can help for half the day, if you can help you’ll be credited accordingly.

Race credit

We will contact you after the event to confirm your credit and tell you how to reserve a place in the future.

Please email volunteer@monsterracing.net with your name, age and telephone number and we will be in touch.
Be proud to be part of the Monster Racing team!